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Commercial Advice

Running your own business is not an easy task and involves a lot of stress. Amongst all, legal disputes are the last thing that a business owner will want to occur. We at ‘Not Just Law’ can provide you effective and secure commercial contracts, so that you can have your peace of mind and concentrate only on how to run and promote your business.

Starting a New Business
If you are planning to start a business, the first thing that you will need to do is, think of a business structure which will prove to be the most appropriate one. You need to decide whether you will run your business through a limited company or you will function as a sole trader or you would go for a partnership. While making a choice you should also consider the legal issues related to the different taxation factors. No matter what, your main aim should be to make the perfect choice for your business and yourself.
If a business is owned by two or more individuals, a partnership or shareholders agreement must be very carefully drafted, as it can help to avoid disagreement and disturbance among the owners in the future. To maintain smooth relationships between the owners, protect their rights and specify their responsibilities towards one another, it is very important to have a written record.
Some of the common provisions that must be included in the agreement are provisions to deal with voluntary retirements and departures; provisions to deal with ill-health and death; specifying whether the management decisions will be taken unanimously or will be a majority decision. Having written solutions for such problems even before they occur can help save the legal fees, which can be several thousands of pounds, as well as save the time of management.
Initially, the most expensive outlay will be on the premises, where the business has to be set. You need to decide whether you will be buying a premises or will simply take one on lease.
We at ‘Not Just Law’ can help you to take a decision and provide the needed guidance in both the cases.
Some of the important things that you will need to consider include:-

  1. Whether the planning permissions are suitable for your present business, as well as, for the possible future activities?
  2. Do you have sufficient access for the proposed use of the premises?
  3. If you are taking a premises on a lease, are its terms and conditions too arduous? Will you continue to have protected rights of occupation even after the lease ends?

Running Your Business Smoothly
Once you begin trading, you may be asked by the suppliers to sign a contract related to their terms of supply. We at ‘Not Just Law’ will guide you through the reasonable terms as well as the unnecessarily terms included in the contract.
At the same time, having the terms of sale of your services and goods in written, will help you to get you payments on time and also avoid the need of legal actions. However, you need to get advice from the experts before doing so, in order to ensure that the terms and conditions included in your contract are as per the current legislation, especially if you sell your goods and services to the public. ‘Not Just Law’ can assist you in laying down the standard terms, according to the trading standards.

Growth of Your Business
With the growth of your business, you will also need to appoint distributors and agents. It is also very essential to have proper contracts. While getting the contracts prepared, either you yourself have to be aware about the European Law provisions or have to take help and assistance from the experts. If you do not take care while preparing the contracts, you may have to incur heavy liabilities while terminating and appointing commercial agents for selling your goods.
When you succeed in establishing a flourishing business model, you may be interested in having franchises all over the country and even in foreign countries. To provide protection to your business model and to preserve it you will require the advice of specialists, so that you can avoid the pitfalls and protect any intellectual property, which is associated with your proposed franchise.

The Procedure to Sell Your Business
If your business runs through a limited company, we at ‘Not Just Law’ can assist you in deciding whether you should sell you business through sale of shares or follow asset sale.
Every sale agreement is complex as the new buyer looks for details about the warranties and guaranties related to the business being sold. Legal advice of experts is needed to ensure that the seller does not face unjustified and unnecessary guarantees or warranties and can head for a simple retirement.

At present times, legal advice of experts has become a necessity for every business and not a luxury. Buying our services will prove much more cost effective for your business, than dealing with the legal issues individually, as they occur.



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