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Road traffic accidents

There are many times when one is very unfortunate enough to meet with an accident that had occurred due to the negligence of other driver or person. All road users have the duty to abide by the highway rules and regulations and have the responsibility to take care of the other drivers while driving. The failure to execute these moral obligations is known as ‘Negligence’. It is always better to know your rights and claims that you can receive as compensation rather than walking away with injury as well as damages. Our legal experts at NotJustLaw can help you in making good the losses that occurred due to others fault. We can help you clear all doubts before proceeding with any procedure and guide you in every step. We know how valuable your hard-earned money is and make sure that you get it back.

Some general doubts that people have in mind:

Can I Claim Compensation?
Yes, you can have a very good claim from an accident that caused you a loss or an injury without any fault of yours. However, if it has been more than one year or a long time since the accident occurred then, there may be certain complications you may face. As this is a complex legal issue, our experienced team of legal experts can assist you in getting your rights and claim, even if it has been more than three years.  
Is there any claim for Cyclists?
Well, this is a frequently asked question by many experienced cyclists, who have been through accidents but are unaware of their rights and claims. The answer to this question is YES. We can assist you in some of the most difficult situations of accidents. Let us explain to you the cases in which you can receive you claim:

  • Collision with cars or other vehicles

This is quite a common reason for injury caused due to the negligence of car drivers, often caused at corners of roads or junctions when they do not see any bike while turning or taking a deep cut. Other reasons can be accidents caused while overtaking and opening doors. These situations can lead to serious injuries and damage, and one can make a good claim out of them. All you have to do is contact us.

  • Collision with pedestrians or other cyclist

Accidents can happen also due to improper design of lanes for cyclists or poor construction of roadways, which led to the collision between cyclists. The issue becomes more complex if the guilty party is not insured. These are one of the complex issues that we are expert at dealing and won claim for many of our clients.

  • In case of Road defects such as Potholes, debris, obstacles and oil

Road defects are mostly due to the negligence of private contractors while constructing and repairing roads. It is because of these improper servicing the roads develop defects, which traps the cyclist and often leads to accidents, injuries. If this is the case with you, then you do have a good claim, just contact us.

  • In case of defective equipments or parts

Improper or defective equipments and spare parts are often one of the main reasons of accidents. Parts such as brakes, rims and other parts can be defective or can be of low quality and can often lead to nasty accidents. In these kinds of cases, the liability is of the manufacturer who is providing such low standard parts and you may have a claim as per the Consumer Protection Act. At NotJustLaw, we have experts who have in-depth knowledge of these conditions and can assist you in getting your claim.




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